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Yeah, hye again. I’ll try not to fall asleep, but I really am just way tooo tired at the moment. You know that chemistry thing I mentioned last post? Yeah, well that’s about half finished, but I don’t have any references, and it’s way too short. I just can’t see how I’m supposed to make it longer. Ahh well. It’s due in the day after tommorow, and I just don’t care about it. Well, no, that’s not strictly true, I do care about it, I jsut can’t be bothered to do it, if ya know what I mean. Yeah, I really doubt that, seeing as how I don’t know what I mean, not consciously, at any rate. Meh.

Having read this months White Dwarf(Games Workshop publication) and reading the article in there, I’ve decided that it really would be a good idea(and a perfect way of actually getting around to painting my models) to do 5 models a week, like the writer is doing next year. Unfortunatly, what with all my knitting and homework(which isn’t getting done) ther is no way in Hell of me getting it done, which just basically means that over the two weeks we are so generously given for Christmas, I will have to paint up 28 flaggelents and 2 knights. Yeah, I’m gonna be fairly surprised if it happens too. Haven’t got a clue waht to do when I finally give in and admit that the only way it’s going to get done will be to stay up all night painting, which will really notĀ  be good. Hmm.

Lot’s of lovely knitting to be done too. Meh. A pair of slippers for a week tommorow, they’ll probably be done, and a scarf which will also be done by the end of term. Then there’s a pair of mittens for christmas, adn another pair of slippers, adn then I’ve just started writing a list of everyhting there is to knit after Christmas, including my friend’s christmas pressents. Hem, at least they know. then on top of that, there’s about 5 projects I’ve already started and another 10 or so that I want to start(yes, i know I’m fairly crazy).

Yeah, and with all this that needs to be done, I’m not getting any reading done, and it’s really bugging me. Listening to tapes really isn’t the same. šŸ˜¦ But hopefully after christmas, oh not, I’ve got more knitting and hopefully I will be able to paint 5 models a week then(yeah, I really am so disillusional, aren’t i?)but tehre we go. I’ll keep on trying, because I am British, even if no-one else ever sees how much I need a break. I hate masks. Anyway, I’m off to bed now, so goddnight everyone, Gladerider


Yeah, I am feeling slightly crazy butttttttt… it’s all good. Well, no, it’s not really, but there we are. I have a really long chemistry thingy that’s due in next week, which I haven’t even started, and two peices of homework due in tommorow, but I really don’t care! Because I have finished one of my hand warmers with a jolly rodger on(my first beading project!) and I’ve nearly finished the second, I just need to knit the thumb and then sew in all the loose ends. Oh yeah, and shift two beads, which somehow managed to get into the wrong place. So yeah, it’s all good. So after I’ve finished the hand warmer, I’m going to do the two peices of homework and then knit something else. Probably the gloves, as I’m now on my last pair(having decided that I can actually drop some pairs:D) and then I have to knit a pair of slippers for my school’s secret santa(when I get the money for the wool, that is:D).

I know I was going to put up a picture of the cute and adorable mice this post, but I’ve lost me camera:( Which really is a great pity as they are so useful. Hopefully I will find it soon, but until I do, you will have to go pictureless. I’m going to be knitting up a few more this weekend hopefully, to take to my sister’s school’s craft fair, at which she has a table. Should be fun. Mummy’s also making some things for it, Father Christmas napkin rings, which are utterly adorable(especially when their fringes are so long they can’t actually see out(well, you can’t see their eyes, at any rate!)).

I should also be painting some flaggelents for the tournement in January too, but I just don’t have the time:( Hopefully after christmas, or during the holidays I can get on with them, otherwise I may have to go without, and take something else, like spearmen, but I’m not sure if I’ve got enough… Ahh well, we shall see.



Hello’s everyone. Yes, I recently had a day and a half off school(that actually is quite a lot for me) and now I’m back again, hale and hearty(I think I caught something up at the G.T. in Nottingham, as my dad had it as well. Either that or in the Burger King we had dinner at. )

I won one game out of 6 at the G.T., and loved every minute of it. I’d been up there before, so I wasn’t amazed by their sculpting of the walls, but one of our party hadn’t and he loved it. Oh yeah, if you meet anyone who had the honour of fighting the only female there, that was me. The female, I mean, not someone who fought her. But hey, it really was pretty funky, esp as no-one actually commented on the fact I was female.

But I didn’t get much reading done:( which was a shame, but I still had a great time, even though I didn’t do any knitting. Which actually was a bit of a releif, as it allowed me to forget that I have I-don’t-know-how-many pairs of gloves left to do, although saying that, I don’t think it’s actually that many any more. Last weekend though, I knitting quite a bit. No gloves though, as I’d left my knitting bag, which had all my knitting things for gloves, at the boarding school I stay at, so instead I started on my godmother’s mother’s birthday pressent of a waistcoat, which was good fun. I also knitted a mouse, which I gave to my next door neighbour’s cat, which proved an instant hit. This weekend I shall see if I can get some piccys of her playing with it, so that people can see how succesful it was.


Hellos again! I know I haven’t been on here for a while, my life got slightly annoying. But hey! I am now back at school and don’t have to see my lil sis for more than a week! The only way my life could get any better would be if I didn’t have as much homework to do, and most of my knitting was done, so I could actually do some reading. But there we go.

Atm I’m halfway through knitting my mum’s gloves( 4 ply 75% bamboo, 25% nylon, knitted on dpns) I’m not going to knit the other glove on dpns, cos I can’t get the tension:( which is a shame, but there we go. It was a good idea. I’m thinking it’s just that yarn which messes me up, cos the tension isn’t that wonderful when I’m knitting the fingers, which have to be done on normal needles, so I might try knitting the next pair(already half done, for my Aunt) on dpns, and see where that leads.

At least my work load is easing off slightly (yeah, and is going to shoot up again, as I don’t have any time over the weekend) which is always a bad sign(you know the teachers are up to something…) Ahh well, I’m not complaigning(much). Might have something to do with the shedload of tests we have coming up… hmm. Oh well.

But horay! For I have started reding again! I have found a really good series called Pendragon. It isn’t about Arthur and his knights, it’s set in modern day America(kindof) adn is about a 14 yr old boy who has to travel to different terratories(completly different dimensions) and save them. So far he’s saved three, and failed one:( He nearly failed another, but his friends stopped him form saving the Hindenburg, so it was alright. And this weekend, I’m going to be reading a fair amount, as I’m not going to be taking my knitting, or any homework.

That’s all from me, Gladerider


Hello’s again(should that apostrophe be there or not?)

Just thought I’d touch base again, just because I’ve been busy(and befroe you ask, the base isn’t empty if you’re reading this, and if it is empty, I don’t really care), so here I am. My godmother’s mother hasĀ  been over for a stay, and loved out house, and she’s going home today, so we’re (me, my mother and my sister) are going to meet my Godmother’s son today(he looks like Andy Murry, it’s quite funny really).

I’m still knitting:D So far I’ve finished one christmas pressent

Christmas socks

My sister's christmas pressent

Yeah, they went slightly wrong, I suppose that’s what comes of not buying enough wool, adn then being convinced that the wool I used was different to the wool in the shop, until I had the brilliant idea of taking in the ball band, and finding out that it had sold out. Oh well, I’ve only got to convice everyone that it was intentional, and that it makes them unique:D

I still haven’t finished the painting for the G.T., but I’ve got to change my list again anyway- I hate being outnumbered by a fearcausing enemy, it causes so many difficulties(yeah, I’ve just been taken apart by a Vampire Counts army, does it show?), so my warrior Priest is going to take the Icon of Magnus, just so he and the unit he is with won’t have to take fear checks(come on, I should not be failing two out of three on leadership 8.) Ahh well, hopefully I won’t have too much painting to do, because I don’t have that long( it has to be finished by this weekend, otherwise chances are I’ll leave them at school, and not be able to use them, and that would put me in a bit of a quandry).

Nothing much else is happening to me really. I’ve lost all my reading time, which is annoying, but hopefully when I get back to school… Hmm, we’ll have to wait and see.


Hello. Just thought I’d better update, as I haven’t for a while. I’ve just been a trifle busy with various things, but I think I’ve got it all under control now(yes, that is me deluding myself:D), so there we go. I’m just grateful that it’s half term next week. A full week of doing nothing(yeah, I wish). I’m jsut going to be spending most of the week painting warhamemr figures for a tourement(the second round of the first heat of the G.T., for anyone who speaks Warhammer), knitting christmas pressents- this is going to be the last time I leave it this late- and doing homework:( But, I will have some enjoyable things to do:D I’ve started my christmas list(come on, if I’m starting to think about Christmas already, so can everyone else) and am going to add skeins of recycled silk yarn to it. It looks georgeous, and feels it too(someone I know hs got some, adn it is delightful). And hopefully I’m going to see a film with a friend from school, that is, of course, assuming she asks her mum to let her come around. Life is complicated:D


Hey’s everyone. (Yeah, that is assuming that anyone’s taking the time to read this). Well, a bit about me would make sense here, I suppose. I’m slightly crazy, I go to a state school, my sister(2 and a bit years younger than me and hating it) goes to a private school, butis thinking about moving to a state school next year, if our father gets the change of job he wants. It’s all a bit hectic atm. But that’s life, I suppose. My parents are together, and they both work, my mother works at a school, so she get’s roughly the same holidays as my sister and myself, there are some slight variations. I play warhammer, and have done for a number of years. My dad currently commissions work from me, and I like playing as well(and beating my dad):D I also knit a lot, I’ve started christmas pressents, this year everyone is getting gloves, except for my school friends, who are getting hats. That is, of course, assuming they get done in time. Oh yeah, and my sister is getting socks. Should be interesting. After that’s all done, hopefully I can go back and finish my first pair I started- I’ve done one, and the other one’s patiently waiting for me to start it! But yeah, that’s pretty much it. I think. Oh no, there’s a balaclava as well. Should keep me busy. Luckily, I’ve got the rest of this week off, but I’m going down to my old school, to collect my leavers book(after more than a year:D), which should be interesting. Ahh well