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Wool, work and warhammer:D

Hello. Just thought I’d better update, as I haven’t for a while. I’ve just been a trifle busy with various things, but I think I’ve got it all under control now(yes, that is me deluding myself:D), so there we go. I’m just grateful that it’s half term next week. A full week of doing nothing(yeah, I wish). I’m jsut going to be spending most of the week painting warhamemr figures for a tourement(the second round of the first heat of the G.T., for anyone who speaks Warhammer), knitting christmas pressents- this is going to be the last time I leave it this late- and doing homework:( But, I will have some enjoyable things to do:D I’ve started my christmas list(come on, if I’m starting to think about Christmas already, so can everyone else) and am going to add skeins of recycled silk yarn to it. It looks georgeous, and feels it too(someone I know hs got some, adn it is delightful). And hopefully I’m going to see a film with a friend from school, that is, of course, assuming she asks her mum to let her come around. Life is complicated:D


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