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Wool, warhammer, and a suspicious lack of reading

Hello’s again(should that apostrophe be there or not?)

Just thought I’d touch base again, just because I’ve been busy(and befroe you ask, the base isn’t empty if you’re reading this, and if it is empty, I don’t really care), so here I am. My godmother’s mother has  been over for a stay, and loved out house, and she’s going home today, so we’re (me, my mother and my sister) are going to meet my Godmother’s son today(he looks like Andy Murry, it’s quite funny really).

I’m still knitting:D So far I’ve finished one christmas pressent

Christmas socks

My sister's christmas pressent

Yeah, they went slightly wrong, I suppose that’s what comes of not buying enough wool, adn then being convinced that the wool I used was different to the wool in the shop, until I had the brilliant idea of taking in the ball band, and finding out that it had sold out. Oh well, I’ve only got to convice everyone that it was intentional, and that it makes them unique:D

I still haven’t finished the painting for the G.T., but I’ve got to change my list again anyway- I hate being outnumbered by a fearcausing enemy, it causes so many difficulties(yeah, I’ve just been taken apart by a Vampire Counts army, does it show?), so my warrior Priest is going to take the Icon of Magnus, just so he and the unit he is with won’t have to take fear checks(come on, I should not be failing two out of three on leadership 8.) Ahh well, hopefully I won’t have too much painting to do, because I don’t have that long( it has to be finished by this weekend, otherwise chances are I’ll leave them at school, and not be able to use them, and that would put me in a bit of a quandry).

Nothing much else is happening to me really. I’ve lost all my reading time, which is annoying, but hopefully when I get back to school… Hmm, we’ll have to wait and see.


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