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Back at school(yeah, I know I’ve been there for the best part of a week, but hey ho)

Hellos again! I know I haven’t been on here for a while, my life got slightly annoying. But hey! I am now back at school and don’t have to see my lil sis for more than a week! The only way my life could get any better would be if I didn’t have as much homework to do, and most of my knitting was done, so I could actually do some reading. But there we go.

Atm I’m halfway through knitting my mum’s gloves( 4 ply 75% bamboo, 25% nylon, knitted on dpns) I’m not going to knit the other glove on dpns, cos I can’t get the tension:( which is a shame, but there we go. It was a good idea. I’m thinking it’s just that yarn which messes me up, cos the tension isn’t that wonderful when I’m knitting the fingers, which have to be done on normal needles, so I might try knitting the next pair(already half done, for my Aunt) on dpns, and see where that leads.

At least my work load is easing off slightly (yeah, and is going to shoot up again, as I don’t have any time over the weekend) which is always a bad sign(you know the teachers are up to something…) Ahh well, I’m not complaigning(much). Might have something to do with the shedload of tests we have coming up… hmm. Oh well.

But horay! For I have started reding again! I have found a really good series called Pendragon. It isn’t about Arthur and his knights, it’s set in modern day America(kindof) adn is about a 14 yr old boy who has to travel to different terratories(completly different dimensions) and save them. So far he’s saved three, and failed one:( He nearly failed another, but his friends stopped him form saving the Hindenburg, so it was alright. And this weekend, I’m going to be reading a fair amount, as I’m not going to be taking my knitting, or any homework.

That’s all from me, Gladerider


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