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Back to school(again)

Hello’s everyone. Yes, I recently had a day and a half off school(that actually is quite a lot for me) and now I’m back again, hale and hearty(I think I caught something up at the G.T. in Nottingham, as my dad had it as well. Either that or in the Burger King we had dinner at. )

I won one game out of 6 at the G.T., and loved every minute of it. I’d been up there before, so I wasn’t amazed by their sculpting of the walls, but one of our party hadn’t and he loved it. Oh yeah, if you meet anyone who had the honour of fighting the only female there, that was me. The female, I mean, not someone who fought her. But hey, it really was pretty funky, esp as no-one actually commented on the fact I was female.

But I didn’t get much reading done:( which was a shame, but I still had a great time, even though I didn’t do any knitting. Which actually was a bit of a releif, as it allowed me to forget that I have I-don’t-know-how-many pairs of gloves left to do, although saying that, I don’t think it’s actually that many any more. Last weekend though, I knitting quite a bit. No gloves though, as I’d left my knitting bag, which had all my knitting things for gloves, at the boarding school I stay at, so instead I started on my godmother’s mother’s birthday pressent of a waistcoat, which was good fun. I also knitted a mouse, which I gave to my next door neighbour’s cat, which proved an instant hit. This weekend I shall see if I can get some piccys of her playing with it, so that people can see how succesful it was.


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