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Ahoy me hearties!

Yeah, I am feeling slightly crazy butttttttt… it’s all good. Well, no, it’s not really, but there we are. I have a really long chemistry thingy that’s due in next week, which I haven’t even started, and two peices of homework due in tommorow, but I really don’t care! Because I have finished one of my hand warmers with a jolly rodger on(my first beading project!) and I’ve nearly finished the second, I just need to knit the thumb and then sew in all the loose ends. Oh yeah, and shift two beads, which somehow managed to get into the wrong place. So yeah, it’s all good. So after I’ve finished the hand warmer, I’m going to do the two peices of homework and then knit something else. Probably the gloves, as I’m now on my last pair(having decided that I can actually drop some pairs:D) and then I have to knit a pair of slippers for my school’s secret santa(when I get the money for the wool, that is:D).

I know I was going to put up a picture of the cute and adorable mice this post, but I’ve lost me camera:( Which really is a great pity as they are so useful. Hopefully I will find it soon, but until I do, you will have to go pictureless. I’m going to be knitting up a few more this weekend hopefully, to take to my sister’s school’s craft fair, at which she has a table. Should be fun. Mummy’s also making some things for it, Father Christmas napkin rings, which are utterly adorable(especially when their fringes are so long they can’t actually see out(well, you can’t see their eyes, at any rate!)).

I should also be painting some flaggelents for the tournement in January too, but I just don’t have the time:( Hopefully after christmas, or during the holidays I can get on with them, otherwise I may have to go without, and take something else, like spearmen, but I’m not sure if I’ve got enough… Ahh well, we shall see.



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