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Meh, way tooooo tired

Yeah, hye again. I’ll try not to fall asleep, but I really am just way tooo tired at the moment. You know that chemistry thing I mentioned last post? Yeah, well that’s about half finished, but I don’t have any references, and it’s way too short. I just can’t see how I’m supposed to make it longer. Ahh well. It’s due in the day after tommorow, and I just don’t care about it. Well, no, that’s not strictly true, I do care about it, I jsut can’t be bothered to do it, if ya know what I mean. Yeah, I really doubt that, seeing as how I don’t know what I mean, not consciously, at any rate. Meh.

Having read this months White Dwarf(Games Workshop publication) and reading the article in there, I’ve decided that it really would be a good idea(and a perfect way of actually getting around to painting my models) to do 5 models a week, like the writer is doing next year. Unfortunatly, what with all my knitting and homework(which isn’t getting done) ther is no way in Hell of me getting it done, which just basically means that over the two weeks we are so generously given for Christmas, I will have to paint up 28 flaggelents and 2 knights. Yeah, I’m gonna be fairly surprised if it happens too. Haven’t got a clue waht to do when I finally give in and admit that the only way it’s going to get done will be to stay up all night painting, which will really not  be good. Hmm.

Lot’s of lovely knitting to be done too. Meh. A pair of slippers for a week tommorow, they’ll probably be done, and a scarf which will also be done by the end of term. Then there’s a pair of mittens for christmas, adn another pair of slippers, adn then I’ve just started writing a list of everyhting there is to knit after Christmas, including my friend’s christmas pressents. Hem, at least they know. then on top of that, there’s about 5 projects I’ve already started and another 10 or so that I want to start(yes, i know I’m fairly crazy).

Yeah, and with all this that needs to be done, I’m not getting any reading done, and it’s really bugging me. Listening to tapes really isn’t the same. 😦 But hopefully after christmas, oh not, I’ve got more knitting and hopefully I will be able to paint 5 models a week then(yeah, I really am so disillusional, aren’t i?)but tehre we go. I’ll keep on trying, because I am British, even if no-one else ever sees how much I need a break. I hate masks. Anyway, I’m off to bed now, so goddnight everyone, Gladerider


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